sobota 8. septembra 2012

World Cup and Super Continental Cup, Ushuaia, Argentina

So the World Cup and Super Continental Cup here in Argentina are finished.
The World Cup didnt go as well for me as I wanted. After I have placed 4th in the qualifier, I felt confident I could ski at my best. My run was fs 450 out of the tube, than bs 270 out of the second tube, right 360, left 720 mute, left 360 japan and left 540 safety. Almost everyone had speed issues, the wind even picked up more for our second runs, but I managed to land everything.

Qualifiers results sheet

The day of the finals I woke up with a fever, so I knew it is not going to be the best day, but I still wanted to place in the top 5. The training didnt go that bad, but the course was icy. Anyway, I overshot the first jump with my right 360, and on the second run I just got lost because of the fever I had. So at the end I have placed 12th.
The guys and girls from the top 3 did a great show, special congrats to my girl Eveline Bhend, which placed 2nd!

I did much better in the Continental Cup, where I got 2nd, in front of Iku Suzuki from Japan, Eveline won.
 The Continental Cup podium
 Me proudly representing!
The handicaped people from Ushuaia holding the nations flags at the parade.

So the first couple of the races are finished, now back to some dry training and hopefully i will see some snow soon! We are staying 2 more days in Ushuaia, so it is sightseeing time!

take care


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