pondelok 30. januára 2012

FIS European Cup, Brand, Austria

My second ever FIS race (after the last years World Champs in Park City) was the European Cup in Brand, Austria. We have arrived together with Zuzka Stromkova, my Jibstar team mate Vilo Tomo and our coach Murgi to Brand tuesday evening after a long drive. It was snowing like crazy, but we were safe with my 4x4 Skoda Octavia, nickname Viola:)
The village was beautiful, snow everywhere and our accomodation was nice and comfy as well.
We had one training day and two race days. The course was set up from 2 kickers sized around 13m, the first one was more poppy with some nice airtime and a long box.
The trip was successful for me, since on thursday I have placed 1st and friday 2nd, so I have earned some FIS points.
I loved beeing there even more, because it was a combined ski and snowboard event, which means that loads of my friend were there. We even made a huge group photo with the czech skiers and snowboarders! Alltogether we have taken so many podium spots, it is almost unbelievable:)
Check some pics:

 Podium first day, me in the middle:)

Me and my Faction team mate Fredy Iliano, who placed 1st both days! Go Faction!
Podium 2nd day: me on the 2nd place and Zuzka Stromkova beeing the winner of the day:)

Czecho-slovakian crew alltogether, it was massive:)

take care



nedeľa 22. januára 2012

Level Bliss international team!

Hey everyone!

So stoked to announce that I have become a part of Level Bliss gloves international team!
Please check my profile online on the Level website:

An make sure you check the beautiful Level Bliss girls gloves edition:

This week I am attending the FIS European Cup in Brand, Austria and straight after I am going to Polish Freeskiing Open in Zakopane, which is a town on the other side of my Low Tatras mountains.

take care, will post some results and impressions soon:)


streda 18. januára 2012

Swiss Freeski Open Davossss

Hey everyone, so I am back home from Switzerland! Riding Laax snowpark and powder was the top experience, here is a picture of me sitting in the coolest shapers vehicle:
The snowpark there is in an awesome shape now, with soo many features! I really enjoyed it there!

Saturday and sunday were the competition days, last years Big Air comp has become a slopestyle comp, which ment that after a massive kicker there is a rail as well:) The kicker was the same as the snowboarders had for the 6 star Oniell evolution. It was probably the biggest one I have ever jumped, the airtime was just incredible! But on the other side it was very smooth and the landing was nice and steep. I had fun riding with Eveline again for both days, and at the end I have placed 2nd, only one point away from Camillia Berra, Eveline Bhend got 3rd.
The girls level of riding is really high nowdays, flatspins 5, 3, stylish spins...
Here is the picture from the prizegiving, Eveline is not there as she had to rush to pack her stuff for USA, she will be competeing in the Dew Tour, good luck Eveline!
And the picture of the kicker:

Take care!


štvrtok 12. januára 2012

Freestyle Academy edit

Wednesday we went to the indoor freestyle academy with Boris and Richie, it was great fun!
Here is a short fun video I have made from the shots from that day:

 Only until I have smashed my face:

I am ok now, it doesnt hurt anymore:)

take care


nedeľa 8. januára 2012

Laax baby!!!

Soooo one year gone and I am back in Laax! Drinking a glass of wine in the apartment with the same friends as last year, seams like I never left. The only difference is the snow, so much snow comparing to last year. And it snowed all day today. Yesterday we rode powder, I was so exhausted in the evening I fell asleep at 7 o clock, not minding that a party is on right beside me:) These are pictures I did today morning in the Sagogn village I am stayin in:

Today we went to the Freestyle Halle, which is a place filled with trampolines, foam pits, foam pit jumps, skate features.... just all the cool stuff you can imagine. I have worked on some new tricks and did some more practice on the tricks I want to take to snow, it was fun!
Me and Jirka Volak in front of the halle:
Tomorrow the weather should be more "park friendly" :) I hope so, I want to ride the famous perfect Laax jump:)

take care!