utorok 13. decembra 2011

Lil Keystone edit

Here are few shots from Keystone, as you can see the park is amazing with a lot of stuff you can hit! One more week left...
Few runs Keystone



pondelok 12. decembra 2011

Guns n Roses concert Denver

I almost stopped breathing when Katarina Benzova asked me what am I doing on sunday! She is the Guns n Roses official photographer and they were playing in Dever. I was soooo stoked! My Faction team rider Andy Matthew had a car so we went together with my roommate Szczepan Karpiel to see the concert and the VIP afterparty as well.
The show was amazing, they have played 3 hours in a row and we have heard all the greatest hits! The band before was Black Label Society and they made an amazing show as well.
We have returned 5 in the morning but it was worth everything, the best show I ever see so far. Thank you and love you Kat!

 Axl Rose playing November rain

 Show was so awesome!

 Last standing

Us with DJ Ashba - the guitar player

Us with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - guitarist

štvrtok 8. decembra 2011

Folklor 2 polish freeski movie!

So it is online, check the HD version of the second part of Tenchis movie Folklor:

My part is there as well, filmed in one day on Hintertux, unfortunately I have no jumps there because I had no speed for the big ones, I guess I need to put on more weight haha

Enjoy and take care!