pondelok 21. januára 2013

Copper World Cup, USA

Hey there,
so I am safely back home, no jet lag anymore, back to some work stuff before moving further to some more competitions.

My USA stay has been amazing, the overall impression is just great! Staying with some good mates, having loads of fun on the hill and in Woodward.

I have spent the Christmass and New Years Eve as well, here is a picture of me and my Slovakian slopestyle teammate Vilo Tomo cooking our traditional soup from sauerkraut:

Then it was time for the World Cup in Copper! The course consisted of 2 jib obstacles - street combo and a huge bus stop and 3 jumps. 

Vilo shredding the bus stop.
My bib and acreditation.

 Me and Vilo standing on top of the course.

On the competition day it was freezing, - 32 celsius, windchill -42. So I went and bought some boot heaters, but it was so cold they have stopped working!
Anyway, I have manage to defrost myself to the level I could ski at, and landed my run on the second try, ending up on the 19th place. Thanks Mario Skala for beeing there with me as my coach and for his support!

Now it is time for Swiss Freeski Open in Davos and World Cups in Silvaplana, Switzerland and Sochi, RU World Cup. Excited!!

take care