pondelok 3. decembra 2012

Keystone again!

Hey there!

After a year I am back in Keystone, CO. This winter season everyone is here, because there is a FIS World Cup planned in january in Copper.
The snowpark in Keystone is so much better than anything we have at this time in Europe. The medium kicker line is already set up and there are countless rails.
  Me and Yu Yoneya standing on top of the jump line yesterday morning

   Me doing a safety 540 picture Premek Vida made yesterday

Our accommodation is pretty cool as well. I am staying in an apartment with the Czech teams Kristina Kapounova and Mario Skala and our snowboarder Mato Matys.

Me and Kiki testing the hot tub, we didnt know how to put on the bubbles haha

           Picture of Kiki i did on the way to the snowpark, what a view!

take care!