utorok 27. marca 2012

Suzuki Nine Queens

A dream has become a reality and we have arrived to Serfaus- Fiss - Ladis. The weather was more than perfect, bluebird and no wind and we had a chance to hit the castle for the first time on friday so we can get used to the kicker. 
It was just perfect, the best jump I have ever jumped! Nice and long takeoff, endless landing and a lot of airtime. Applause to the shapers!
The best part of it was that it was soo photogenic! Check some of the pictures Juraj Lovas made of me jumping the castle:

The saturdays finals were even better! We got to ride together with the queens which were there for the whole week. And the level was insane! Cork 7s, switch rotations all the way until 1080, forward 900s, flatspins, rodeos... The perfect jump just allowed the girls to do whatever they want to try.
The winner was Ashley Battersby with her first ever switch 1080, second Eveline Bhend with first ever misty 900 done by a girl and Kaya Turski got 3rd with her switch 1080. 
 Kaya Turski and her unbelievable style.
My girl Eveline rocking her misty flip!

After the winners were decorated it was time for the gala evening and the afterparty, so we had our fancy dresses on, looks really funny with the goggle tans:))
Juraj in the middle taking the girls to the gala dinner:)

The whole event was sooo perfectly organized, thank you Nico Zacek, Virginie Favre and Eva Patschneider for all the hard work done!
Hopefully I can be a part of it next year as well!

take care


štvrtok 15. marca 2012

Slovak Championship and Nine Queens Invite

Last sunday I took part in the Slovak Championship in my home resort PARK SNOW Donovaly. The weather wasnt very pleasant, it was cloudy with gusty winds, but it was fun anyway, with polish and czech guys coming as well. I took gold with a safe run consisting of flat-down box slide to switch, switch 180 left 360 japan and a 720 mute. Here is a picture of me and my Jibstar teammate Vilo Tomo, which became the new Slovak slopestyle champion, stoked for him! (picture by Marian Ligda)

But the best day of the last week was the day when I got the email of the 9 Queens Nico Zacek saying I can come to the contest day and jump the huge chateau! Me and Zuzka Stromkova are leaving on the 22nd, the training takes part on the 23rd and 24th is the contest. Make sure to check out the videos afterwards, sure it is going to be super-sick! Meanwhile the castle was finished today, have a look:

take care and enjoy the sunny weekend, I am going to shred Riders Park Donovaly!


sobota 3. marca 2012

FIS World Cup Jyvaskyla, Finland

Hey everyone,
sorry for the late updates but have been busy with our Riders Park Camp at my home resort PARK SNOW Donovaly. The camp was great fun:)

So the news! First ever FIS World Cup ever was held in Jyvaskyla, Finland and I was lucky enough to be a part of it!

We have arrived by plane to Helsinki (check this beautiful plane view of our Tatra mountains and my hometown Liptovsky Mikulas:

Because we had enough time me and Zuzka went for a little walk around the town
and for a meal:
Here is Zuzka sitting in the giant shoe:

Finland is a very beautiful and sportive country, everyone is riding a bike, you can see locked bikes everywhere, even under the snow, this picture is from the Helsinki train station:

The course didnt have that big jumps, bit it was quite hard because it had 7 features in a row, so you really had to stomp your tricks, otherwise you ended up not having enough speed for the next feature. The level of girls riding was very high, the point difference between the first 5 places wasnt very big.
I am stoked I have placed 3rd, went there with no expectations and this is way beyond what I have dreamed of:)
Here is me on the podium, 1st Lili Murud and 2nd Eveline Bhend. My teammate Zuzka Stromkova ended 4th!

Take care:)